The color green, as seen above, suggests growth.  Psalm 1 has the phrase "its leaf does not wither" (v. 3). It is suggested that this leaf is from an evergreen fruit bearing plant. 

That is so because the person mentioned in the psalm meditates on the law (Scripture) day and night (v. 2). The "day and night" aspect suggests a thorough knowledge of Scripture that we take wherever we go in our waking hours. 

This website provides information that may help you to grow in your faith by being in the Scriptures.  I pray that these resources will help, comfort and empower you in your daily life.

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Reading the Scriptures

Ever thought about reading the Bible, working your way through various books segment by segment? Maybe you were stopped by the thought that there would be passages that you might not understand.  Well wait no longer!

I have provided multiple notes on Bible passages. I have done this with all of the New Testament Scripture as well the Psalms and many other OT books.

You might want to pick a book of the Bible and begin reading it.  Go up to the upper right side of this page and click on Bible Study Notes. Then chose the book and chapter. Next read a segment (7-10 verses) of that chapter or even a whole chapter and look up notes that may help you with your questions. The Lutheran Study Bible (TLSB) notes have a summary and prayer at the end of various segments.

 Weekly Devotion

My Father is with me

John 16:32

You will leave me all alone. Yet I am not alone, for my Father is with me.

On this eve of Jesus’ Passion, the disciples would flee in every direction. Their own interests, their life and safety would claim their first consideration. So they would fail Him in this most critical hour.

Jesus had a very close relationship with Peter, James and John.  They were a part of some very special moments in Jesus’ ministry including the Transfiguration.  In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus suffered as no other human being has ever suffered, even sweating blood which was a sign of extreme stress. Peter, James and John fell asleep when He needed their support the most.  Things only got worse after Jesus was arrested. By now Judas had betrayed Jesus, and the other disciples disappeared into the night.  Peter denied he even knew Jesus.  How alone Jesus must have felt, made even worse because He knew what lay ahead for Him on Good Friday.

There are also times in our lives when our closest of friends disappoint us or even turn on us.  There are times we become isolated from friends and neighbors. This is perfect opportunity for the devil to creep in and bring with him many distorted thoughts and accusations. At times like that we suffer deeply.  It may seem that our whole world is coming apart.  We may even cry bitter tears of betrayal.

The Father would briefly forsake Christ on the cross as Christ became sin. That was the price that Jesus willingly paid for the world’s sin. As soon as that moment passed the Father remained faithful to His Son and His mission. Our Father in heaven will never desert us in times of any kind of need. Our Father will always be at our side in every situation and delights in our prayers in our time of need.

Dear Lord, thank you that you have taken care of our most pressing need (sins) by going to the cross for us. In difficult times come to us in your Word and prayer and strengthen our faith. Help us to feel your nearness when we need you most. Amen