April 29 - Fifth Sunday of Easter   

The Point of this Week’s Readings

Each of the readings in one way or another has a touch of praising God either by word or by deed.

The Psalm (Psalm 150) urges the praising of God through the various musical instruments available when this psalm was written. This is the fifth of five Hallelujah (began with Psalm 146) Psalms that conclude the Book of Psalms. In its brief scope it tells us where the Lord should be praised, why he should be praised, how he should be praised, and who should praise him.

The First Reading (Acts 8:26-40) is about Philip being sent by God to help an Ethiopian understand the Scriptures he was reading. Philip had been elected a deacon in Acts 6. Philip offers his thanks to God by serving where God wants him to minister which in this case is explaining a reading from Isaiah. After Philip is done with the Ethiopian, the Lord takes him to yet another place (Azotus) to share the Gospel.

The Epistle (1 John 4:1-21) speaks first of testing the spirits that would lead us away from our Lord (vv. 1-6). THEN, the rest of verses are spent in reminding the readers how much God loves them and how they are to show their appreciation in loving those around them.

The Gospel (John 15:1-8), is about us as “branches.” We are to stay connected to The Vine (Jesus). Without Jesus (The Vine) we can do nothing and are only going to wither and be thrown into the fire. However, this text speaks of the branches (us) bearing much fruit. This is to God’s glory and gives proof that we are His disciples.

For more in-depth commentary on each reading, read the "Notes for coming Sunday" found in the Sermon Notes section of this web site.  

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