Dr. John Maxwell makes this statement about leadership “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” (Developing the Leader Within You)Leadership is not confined to those who are at the head of some company or organization. Virtually everyone is in a leadership position at sometime in their life. Below are insights that Rev/Dr. Eugene W. Brunow and Rev. Richard M. Keohneke. Together they have over 100 years of service to the Church.

 What I Learned about Leadership

The following are topics that Rev. Brunow has learned about in his career as a principal, teacher and district executive. These are in process and will  coming in the near future.  He continues to serve as pastoral assistant at Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Ft. Wayne, IN. 


Richard Koehneke Articles

The following articles come Rev. Koehneke's many years of a being a parish pastor. He serves part-time as ministerial health consultant for the Indiana District, coordinating the new “Caring for the Called” project. He is a member of the Indiana District Ministerial Health Commission and the LC-MS Ministerial Care Coalition. The "excerpts" are from his pastoral ministry days.  His other articles have been penned for various organizations.